Updated February 12, 2024

We are in active negotiation with UNC Health with the goal of reaching an agreement that is affordable for North Carolinians and employers while ensuring continued, uninterrupted access to the health system

UNC Health issued a termination notice to our current contract with the intent to renegotiate. Our top priority is to renew our relationship without any disruption while helping ensure health care is affordable for North Carolinians and employers.

If we are unable to reach an agreement, the majority of UNC Health’s hospitals, facilities and its physicians will be out of network for employer-sponsored and individual plans, including UMR, as well as our Medicare Advantage plans, including our Dual Special Needs Plan, effective April 1, 2024.

Note: the following UNC Health facilities and physician practices are not impacted by this negotiation and remain in-network for all UnitedHealthcare plans:

  • UNC Health Southeastern
  • UNC Health Appalachian
  • UNC Health Blue Ridge
  • Prime Surgical Suites
  • Onslow Memorial Hospital

We have a separate contract with UNC Health for Medicaid, which is not impacted by this negotiation.

People enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare Medicaid plan continue to have access to UNC Health’s facilities and physicians with no change, regardless of the outcome of this negotiation.

We are fully committed to engaging in productive, good-faith negotiation and will use the remaining time on our contract in an effort to reach a long-term agreement that is affordable and sustainable for North Carolinians and employers.

We delivered a proposal to UNC Health on Jan. 8 that included meaningful movement and provides UNC Health with rate increases that ensure the health system continues to be fairly and appropriately reimbursed.

We recently met with UNC Health and received a counter to our latest proposal on Feb. 8. We are in the process of reviewing the proposal and have committed to continued meetings with UNC Health over the coming weeks. 

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