United Health Foundation releases 28th America’s health rankings annual report

United Health Foundation released the 28th America’s Health Rankings Annual Report (available here). As the longest-running annual assessment of the Nation’s health on a State-by-State basis, the report revealed that the Nation is facing serious public health challenges, including rising rates of premature deaths and an uneven concentration of key health care providers. Among the report’s key findings are:

  • A recent rise of premature deaths, after a 20% decline from 1990 to 2015;
  • Over the past five years, some of the Nation’s healthiest States – by overall rank – have experienced notable increases in key measures of mortality including;
    • New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island have experienced large increases in drug deaths; and
    • Utah – ranked as the fourth healthiest State this year – experienced one of the largest increases in the rate of cardiovascular deaths;
  • The concentration of key health care providers varies widely across the country;
    • Some States have six times the concentration of mental health providers as compared to other States; and
    • The distribution of primary care physicians and dentists varies across the country by approximately two-to-one;
  • For the first time ever, Massachusetts ranks as the healthiest State in 2017, followed by Hawaii (2), Vermont (3), Utah (4), and Connecticut (5); and
  • Mississippi is ranked 50th for the second year in a row with Louisiana (49), Arkansas (48), Alabama (47), and West Virginia (46), rounding out the States with greatest opportunities for improvement.

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