Updated March 24, 2023

UnitedHealthcare, UVM Health Network agree to extend contract through the end of 2023

UnitedHealthcare and the University of Vermont Health Network (UVMHN) have agreed to extend our contract through Dec. 31, 2023, ensuring Vermonters and New Yorkers enrolled in UnitedHealthcare employer-sponsored and individual plans continued access to UVMHN’s hospitals, facilities and its physicians.

“Our top priority is ensuring people have access to the care they need,” said Tim Archer, CEO of UnitedHealthcare in Vermont. “This extension ensures the people and families we serve continued access to UVMHN while we continue our good-faith efforts to reach a long-term contract with UVMHN that is affordable for Vermonters, New Yorkers and employers.”

As a reminder, UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage and Medicaid contracts were not impacted by our negotiation. People enrolled in these plans continue to have network access to UVMHN’s hospitals, facilities and its physicians with no change.