About value-based care

Value-based care is health care that works smarter and better to help people live healthier lives

This new model of health care promotes better health, better care and lower costs through innovative partnerships with care providers and consumers.

What is value-based care?

The most important thing to know about value-based care is that it puts the patient at the center of the health care experience.

Better health

  • Physicians encourage patients to be active in their health care and to engage in dialogue about their diagnosis and treatment options. 
  • Actionable data shared with physicians makes it easier for them to close gaps in care with individual patients, such as missed screenings or follow-up appointments. 
  • Premium Tier 1 physicians assure consumers of measureably stronger outcomes.

Better care

  • Care providers have a complete view of patients' health by sharing information among every health professional involved in an individual's treatment, from primary care physicians to specialists; from the ER to the local walk-in. 
  • Consumers build stronger connections with their physicians, find it easier to access care (including home visits in some cases) and have more information at their fingertips. 
  • Care providers receive the time and compensation to provide more coordinated care, which ultimately can reduce costs by minimizing unnecessary care such as re-hospitalization and redone procedures. 

Lower cost

  • Mobile tools and more transparent information make it easier to research and compare quality, cost and provider-specific information. 
  • Financial incentives reward consumers for choosing high-performing doctors who are identified as having measurably stronger outcomes. 

How does value-based care work at UnitedHealthcare?

At UnitedHealthcare, we believe the transition to value-based care provides the best path to better health, better care and lower costs – for everyone.          

For us, value-based programs are not a futuristic concept – they’re here, and they’re here to stay. Today, 15+ million UnitedHealthcare members are seeking care from health professionals who participate in value-based arrangements.

These programs help people lead the healthiest life possible by giving them and their doctors incentives that reward more coordinated care, and by making sure the care received is based on proven health guidelines that result in the best possible outcomes at lower costs.

We’re continually innovating to bring together our value-based care programs with other important health resources that make it easier for people to take charge and monitor the care they receive. For example, our mobile apps enable UnitedHealthcare members to compare costs between two local doctors or find a nearby urgent care center for an infant’s late-night fever that can’t wait until the morning.