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Value-based Care is improving quality and health

Placing greater emphasis on value is proving successful for everyone who touches the health care system and all types of plan sponsors, from private employers to state and federal programs. That’s because Value-based Care models focus on quality and using incentives to reward better health, better care and lower costs. This continues to drive important improvements in how payers and care providers work together to support people’s care.

2017 Report Released

We released a comprehensive report detailing how our shift to a value-based health care system is encouraging better health and creating more consistency in the quality of care delivered. The report looks across our broad portfolio of Value-based Care programs and includes every population served by UnitedHealthcare; employer-sponsored and individual, Medicare and Medicaid.

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2016 Report
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High quality, connected care

Learn how UnitedHealthcare’s Value-based Care program puts patients at the center of the health care experience based on their unique needs.

Value-Based Care Fact Sheets

A Patient's Perspective

Beth was battling depression, obesity, and diabetes. ReadOpens a new window how coordinated care addressed medical and social needs to help Beth get her life back.

From 2013 to 2015, Rhonda visited the emergency room a total of 36 times. ReadOpens a new window how increased collaboration changed one woman’s health.

Case Studies About Value-Based Care

ReadOpens a new window how Arizona Care Network and UnitedHealthcare are improving care quality and reduced health care spend by $3.9 million for thousands of Phoenix-area residents enrolled in UnitedHealthcare’s employer-sponsored health plans.

ReadOpens a new window how care providers are practicing value-based care to reduce avoidable admissions and use data analytics to improve diabetes management.

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Infographics About Value-Based Care