Our vision for Empowering Health

Redefining access and addressing social determinants of health

Empowering Health is our commitment to find solutions to the complex challenges within the health care system. We're focused on meeting this goal by expanding access to care and addressing the social determinants of health

We know we can help make a difference by supporting individuals and families who are underserved and uninsured. Empowering Health helps us make a social impact by improving the health and wellness of those who may often be overlooked.

Making healthier happen

UnitedHealthcare is investing in solutions that focus on helping solve some of today's issues.
  • 27.5 million Americans are uninsured.1
  • 50% of health care costs are often generated by the most vulnerable populations (or 5% of the population).2
  • 33% of people who don’t have insurance use the ER as their usual place of care.3

By targeting these problems, we can make an impact.

Empowering Health helps expand access to care

Focusing on the care in health care by expanding access

Too often, underserved communities have limited resources to provide health care for their population. 

  • 20.5 million people are living in households with incomes below 2 times the U.S. poverty level.4
  • 82% of community health center patients are uninsured or publicly insured.5
  • 1 in 5 uninsured adults go without needed medical care due to cost.6

We believe we have a responsibility to make it easier for people to get the care they need. We're taking the following actions to support this effort. 

Developing and sustaining community-based health care programs

UnitedHealthcare funds safety-net providers and community-based organizations to deliver behavioral health services and vision screenings and treatments to those who need them at community or school-based settings.

Responding to emergency needs with direct relief

When disasters occur, we respond by connecting with people and communities and helping them get back on their feet.

Providing support through the UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation

The UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF) offers timely financial support to families, so they can focus on what is most important — improving the quality of life of their child. UHCCF grants help with medical expenses not covered, or not fully covered, by their commercial health insurance. Learn about UHCCF

UnitedHealthcare grant helps Arizona school district address student trauma

Bringing care beyond the clinic to address social determinants of health

Health is more than medical care. Factors outside a doctor’s office play a significant role in influencing a person’s health and well-being.

  • 80% of a person's health is affected by what happens outside of a clinical setting.7
  • 18.2 million households lack access to stable housing.8
  • 40 million people in the U.S. live in food-insecure households.9

We support initiatives that help people get the resources they need for everyday living. 

Establishing a housing-first approach to health

A "housing-first" model helps provide a stable home with services to help people struggling with homelessness. This helps improve their ability to access critical medical and social care. 

Transforming access to fresh and healthy foods

We think about food as medicine. That's why we’re enabling food banks to provide more healthy, fresh food to more communities. We help by investing in refrigeration, training, mobile food pantries and meal delivery programs across the country.

Addressing social isolation

Social isolation and loneliness may be linked to higher risks for a variety of physical and mental conditions. Our work to address social isolation helps individuals find meaningful connections and feel a sense of purpose. 

Advocating for ICD-10 codes to include social determinants

Along with the American Medical Association (AMA), we're working to expand social codes as part of medical records. This helps to better connect patients to the non-medical services and support they need.

Memphis refrigerated trucks: mobile food pantry provides produce to families in need

Volunteering our time

Through volunteer programs, including our longstanding "Do Good. Live Well" initiative, our employees play an important role in improving access to care and building healthier communities.

Using our voice

We work with partners to help redefine how the health system thinks about health. We sponsor and participate in national events so we learn about the needs of specific communities and states.