Our story

What care can do

At UnitedHealthcare, we believe there’s no limit to what care can do. We are dedicated to connecting you to better health by offering quality health benefits designed for affordability. We are also focused on providing access to better health for all, including the underserved.

Discover how you can:

  • Find a health plan that’s designed for your life with options to help fit your budget
  • Access care when you need it
  • Take care of your physical and mental health

Health plans that help fit your life

Think your health insurance plan should match your life? So do we. As the nation's #1 health insurance company,1 you can look to us for health plans that help take care of you in all ages and stages of life. So you have easier access to:

  • Quality doctors and programs to help support your physical and mental health
  • Your own online account and mobile app to better manage your health plan information

Your care, your way

We help make it easier for you to access care on your terms. You can choose the health plan with the quality provider network that best fits your needs. And our providers offer care in a variety of settings, so you can do to the doctor’s office or get care from the comfort of your living room via virtual visits.

Care in your corner with the help of our advocates

Our advocates are here to help take of care of your questions, from benefits to billing. Plus, they provide an extra level of support for those with complex care needs such as cancer, COPD and diabetes by helping to navigate next steps in the health care journey, provide extra support and point to specialists.

We also offer clinical programs designed to help you manage your health condition, including nursing support, education and remote monitoring that can help you with your doctor-requested daily care.

Avoid surprise costs

We can help you avoid surprise costs and save on health care by keeping you informed and offering choices within your health plan benefits. Whether it’s choosing network providers, estimating health care costs, finding ways to save on prescriptions or understanding your care options, we can help you reduce costs in ways that may be easier on your wallet.

Support and rewards for healthier choices

Sometimes a little motivation goes a long way. To help encourage you to take care of your health, we offer a range of rewards and programs designed to help support your physical and mental well-being. Through programs like Renew Active™, UnitedHealthcare Motion® and Rally®, you may earn rewards simply by taking care of your physical and emotional health.

Making healthier happen in communities

Many communities continue to experience disparities in access to care and health resources. That’s why we are committed to supporting better health for all. Through our program, Empowering Health, we are focused on expanding access to care, safe housing, nutritious food and transportation for greater health equity. We are also working closely with health care professionals to help address social determinants of health.

Helping you through COVID-19

We are committed to helping you through the COVID-19 pandemic through our programs, resources, helpful tools and local community investments.