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What sets UnitedHealthcare apart

UnitedHealthcare Vision plans offer Virginia clients more control and better coverage

See how UnitedHealthcare Vision plans are designed to meet the evolving health needs, budgets and lifestyles of your clients' employees.

Making it easier for Virginia employees to get the dental care they need

Learn how UnitedHealthcare Dental plans connect your clients' employees to care experiences designed to move health forward.

Benefit Ally available to Virginia customers with more than 100 employees

With UnitedHealthcare Benefit Ally™, employers can offer their employees a medical and supplemental bundle that pays out a financial benefit for qualified medical events.

Committed to our Virginia community

UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to supporting Virginia employers, employees and their families by building strong, lasting relationships in the community. Our presence in Virginia includes:1

More than 1,100,000 members served

within Virginia communities

More than 45,000 providers

available to meet member needs in Virginia

Over $2.3 million donated to local organizations

in support of communities across Virginia

Latest news

UnitedHealthcare Local Markets CEO explains why employers, regardless of size or location, are seeking ways to better manage their health care costs.

Retail clinics aim to deliver on the convenience employees are seeking from health care and are quickly becoming more prevalent across the Southeast.

How a UnitedHealthcare Level Funded health plan helped Rubber & Accessories manage costs without cutting benefits for its employees.

Meet your Virginia team

UnitedHealthcare in Virginia is here to serve the needs of employers, employees and their families across the state.

Joe Ochipinti

CEO UnitedHealthcare's Mid-Atlantic Region

Joseph (Joe) Ochipinti is the CEO of UnitedHealthcare's Mid-Atlantic Region and has been in this role since early 2019. With 25 years of health care and financial services experience, he is responsible for driving Employer and Individual growth, quality, profitability and overall performance for health benefit plans that serve more than 2.8 million UnitedHealthcare members in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Marianne Randazzo

Vice President, Key Accounts Sales and Account Management

Lori Armstrong

Vice President, Major Accounts

Michael Rachesky

Vice President, Small Business Strategy