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Health Insurance for Employers

With a variety of group coverage options, we have insurance plans that work for companies of all sizes.


Small Business (1-99 employees)

Large Business (100-2,999 employees)

National Accounts (3,000+ employees)


Find a health insurance plan that meets the needs of your business.

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We have dental coverage options that can meet your budget.

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Give your employees eyecare options that can meet their diverse needs.

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Labor & Trust


  • Government
  • Labor & Trust
  • Education

Public Sector: Government

We help maximize taxpayer resources by offering customized solutions for municipalities, state and federal government.

Public Sector: Labor & Trust

UnitedHealthcare will work with you to choose the right combination of health benefits to contain costs and satisfy members' needs.

Public Sector: Education

We enable employees and their families in K-12 and higher education to make more informed health care decisions.

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