Behavioral health benefits

As the demand for behavioral health and substance use support increases in the United States, 77% of employers have said they plan to offer behavioral health support to their employees.1 To help meet that demand, UnitedHealthcare advocates, clinicians and thousands of preferred providers nationwide are available to help guide employees every step of the way on their behavioral health journey with understanding, compassion and support.

With Behavioral Health Solutions from UnitedHealthcare, your employees have access to a continuum of solutions — from self-help mobile apps and virtual services to quality clinical inpatient and outpatient care.

The importance of quality behavioral care

A guided behavioral health care experience

Helping employees find quality care options, more quickly

UnitedHealthcare provides employees with personalized support, including quality care, virtual services, mobile apps and more. 

Supporting employees with behavioral health and physical health needs

Nearly 14% of members experienced both medical and behavioral conditions.2 Additionally, their claims costs were 2 times higher and account for 28% of the total cost of care in an average employee population.2

Helping employees across the behavioral health care continuum

Behavioral Health Solutions provides employees with support to help meet their needs across multiple conditions and help deliver timely access to the right level of care.

More ways to connect employees to confidential support

"Mental health conditions are not benign illnesses — they really impact your workforce. The sooner you can intervene, you may be able to stop the progression of these diseases."

— Dr. Martin H. Rosenzweig, Chief Medical Officer, Optum Behavioral Health

5 ways to help your employees find behavioral health support

As some employees struggle for access to care, here’s what you can do to help guide and support them.

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