Employee engagement

Health care can be complicated. In fact, 60% of new UnitedHealthcare members said they don’t have a good understanding of their health plan,1 making it difficult for them to make informed choices about when and where to get the care they need.

Helping employees take a more active role in their care

Taking a personalized approach

Because no two employees are alike, we give them a variety of tools, resources and touchpoints — so they can better understand and use their benefits how they want.

Offering innovative virtual care options

Employees can access just about any kind of nonemergency care virtually, which may help them get healthier and reduce the number of costlier in-person urgent care and ER visits.

Providing proactive guidance

With a more complete view of an employee’s health record — including eligibility for wellness and clinical programs as well as potential gaps in care — our advocates can offer guidance beyond the original reason for the call.

Easier access to care — virtually everywhere

From reaching wellness goals to managing chronic conditions, employees have access to an array of virtual care options.

Compassionate, one-to-one guidance

When employees and their covered family members want one-to-one help with their health or health plan, Advocate4Me® provides personalized guidance. Available by phone or chat, advocates are ready to help employees with benefits and claims, provider search, health education, referrals to clinical programs, complex health care support and more. Using robust data and technology tools, our advocates help guide your employees to their next best steps — all with an eye toward lower costs and better health.

Support members can count on

17M members are supported by Advocate4Me6

91% overall member satisfaction6

39% of clinical program enrollees are referred by advocates6

Digital tools for employees and providers

A variety of online tools and resources for employees and providers are designed to help make care more understandable, accessible and affordable.

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