UnitedHealthcare Benefit Ecosystem

Streamlining the benefits administration experience

It’s time to move away from manually intensive, time consuming, error-prone experiences that often come up with benefits administration. In the UnitedHealthcare Benefit Ecosystem™, benefits administrators can look forward to real-time integration, streamlined enrollment, and automated profit processing for eligibility and renewal.

Integrated. Automated. Accessible. Here’s how it works.

The way in to the benefits administration platform is through the UnitedHealthcare Application Programming interface (API) Marketplace. Think of this as the door where external stakeholders can securely access and use available APIs.

This is where easier benefits administration begins

  • Automated tasks help eliminate hours of work
  • Information may be shared in real time, when the customer needs it
  • Available API integration continues to grow based on the needs of the benefits administration firm

Built with a better user experience in mind

For employers:

  • Automates information entry for greater accuracy and fewer member and HR issues
  • Helps simplify management of employee benefits
  • Speeds up data sharing

For benefits administrators:

  • Helps enable instant access to data
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Drives more value for clients — a competitive advantage

For members:

  • Helps improve the enrollment experience
  • Offers support for digital adoption
  • Enables easier access to coverage information at the point of service

A closer look at the key enhancements

Welcome to solutions designed to streamline the UnitedHealthcare benefits administration experience — with more to come.

Quoting API

Allows electronic quotes to be transmitted to the digital aggregator tool

Benefits details API

Offers benefit and product-level details

Customer API interface

Provides customer-level information such as eligibility rules and demographics

Single sign-on (SSO)

Allows access to member websites for benefits, claims, wellness, evidence of insurability and more 

Your one-stop resource for enrollment content

The UnitedHealthcare Sourcebook provides grab-and-go content for building your client’s benefit administration experience. In the UnitedHealthcare Sourcebook, you’ll find direct links to provider directories, links to educations content, ongoing member communications and more. We’ve gathered everything in one place – and we’re keeping it updated – to help create a better health plan experience.

Looking for more information?

Contact us at benefit_ecosystem@uhc.com or reach out to your broker or UnitedHealthcare representative.

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