Wellness programs and services

Healthy habits can make a big difference in employees’ overall well-being — from preventing chronic conditions and injuries to lowering stress. UnitedHealthcare wellness programs and services are designed to deliver advantages for employers as well, including lower absenteeism and increased productivity, recruitment and retention.

Putting the power of wellness to work

Inspiring employees

Nearly 90% of employees who work in a company focused on health report being happier. And employees engaged in their health may have lower rates of absenteeism and get more done at work.1

Growing in popularity

77% of employers said workplace wellness and well-being programs were an important part of their employee benefits mix, compared to only 33% a decade ago.2

Helping lower costs

49% of health care costs can be addressed by wellness programs. When employees are healthier, they may have fewer claims, lower their health risks and slow or even reverse the progression of costly chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.3

More ways to healthier through incentive and wellness programs

Our wellness programs and services are built to give your employees the support and incentives to help develop healthier habits that last. So, no matter where your employees start, the steps may be a little easier on their journey to better health.

Earning rewards for meeting health goals

Wanting to help employees be healthier is one thing; getting them to take action is another. That’s where incentive programs come in. In fact, 68% of Americans said that as little as $2 a day would motivate them to spend at least an hour a day improving their health.4

UnitedHealthcare Motion® and Rally® reward participants for reaching health goals like exercising more often, reducing stress, eating healthier and getting better sleep.

  • With Motion, participants complete certain daily fitness goals — walking, running, biking, swimming and more — and may earn financial rewards of up to $1,095 per year
  • With Rally, participants take an interactive survey to see their Rally Age (a measure of their overall health), set wellness goals and earn rewards when they achieve them

Inspiring active employees

70% of participants get more active with Motion,5 and 60% remain active after 6 months in the program6

64% of Rally participants sign up for action plans designed to help them build healthier habits7

Losing weight and keeping it off

An online weight loss program, Real Appeal® combines clinically proven science with engaging tools that teach employees how to make small changes that may lead to lasting results. Participants get:

  • Guidance from a health coach with weekly online sessions
  • A digital library of health-focused resources and a dashboard to track progress
  • A Success Kit delivered to their door that includes a scale, workout videos, food scale, recipes and more

Delivering real results

56% of at-risk participants lost weight with Real Appeal8

12% lower medical costs over 3 years for employers that offer Real Appeal as a benefit9

Helping employees quit tobacco

Quit For Life® is a clinically proven program designed to help employees overcome nicotine dependency and replace nicotine use with healthier habits. Participants get:

  • Personal support working 1-on-1 with a coach
  • Digital tools and resources, including access to expert-led learning, urge-management tools and text messages for tips and encouragement
  • Support for nicotine replacement therapy, based on eligibility

Supporting a tobacco-free life

94% program satisfaction among participants10

52% of participants successfully quit tobacco11

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