Wellness programs and services

Healthy habits can make a big difference in employees’ overall well-being — from preventing chronic conditions and injuries to lowering stress. UnitedHealthcare wellness programs and services are designed to deliver advantages for employers as well, including lower absenteeism and increased productivity, recruitment and retention.

Putting the power of wellness to work

Inspiring employees

Nearly 90% of employees who work in a company focused on health report being happier. And employees engaged in their health may have lower rates of absenteeism and get more done at work.1

Growing in popularity

77% of employers said workplace wellness and well-being programs were an important part of their employee benefits mix, compared to only 33% a decade ago.2

Helping lower costs

49% of health care costs can be addressed by wellness programs. When employees are healthier, they may have fewer claims, lower their health risks and slow or even reverse the progression of costly chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.3

In-demand wellness benefits are seeing low engagement: Why?

Employers play a vital role in getting employees to utilize their benefits. Encouraging engagement through education and incentives is a win-win for all.

More ways to healthier through incentive and wellness programs

Our wellness programs and services are built to give your employees the support and incentives to help develop healthier habits that last. 1 in 3 employees surveyed said they would forgo a pay increase in return for additional well-being offerings for themselves or their families.4

Earning rewards for meeting health goals

UnitedHealthcare Rewards is an incentive program where employees can earn dollars for completing a variety of actions, including things they may already be doing. Employees can personalize their experience by choosing what’s right for them. 92% of first-time participants registered and earned a reward.5

More than a fitness and wellness program, UHC Rewards goes a step further by combining the best practices from existing incentive programs.

UHC Rewards offers:

  • A streamlined digital experience – Employees may immediately start earning rewards by activating UHC Rewards from the UnitedHealthcare® app and their myuhc.com® account
  • Many ways to earn – Employees can earn dollars by choosing activities that are right for them, from tracking daily steps, active minutes and sleep, to completing a biometric screening, health survey and more
  • Redeem dollars – Employees have the potential to earn up to $1,0006 with multiple redemption options

Losing weight and keeping it off

An online weight loss program, Real Appeal® combines clinically proven science with engaging tools that teach employees how to make small changes that may lead to lasting results. Participants get:

  • Guidance from a health coach with weekly online sessions
  • A digital library of health-focused resources and a dashboard to track progress
  • A Success Kit delivered to their door that includes a scale, workout videos, food scale, recipes and more

Delivering real results

56% of at-risk participants lost weight with Real Appeal7

12% lower medical costs over 3 years for employers that offer Real Appeal as a benefit8

Helping employees quit tobacco

Quit For Life® is a clinically proven program that uses physical, psychological and behavioral strategies to help employees overcome nicotine dependency, which may lead to higher productivity.

Over 28 million U.S. adults smoke cigarettes and the impact of tobacco use on employers is $300 billion in lost productivity and health care spend. 

Quit For Life treats every tobacco user uniquely, tailoring a quit plan based on their needs, including:

  • Personal support working 1-on-1 with a coach
  • Digital tools and resources, including access to expert-led learning, urge-management tools and text messages for tips and encouragement
  • Support for nicotine replacement therapy, based on eligibility

Supporting tobbaco free life

94% program satisfaction among participants9

42% of participants successfully quit tobacco10

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