Medical plans

Health insurance is the most requested benefit by employees.1 And the medical plans you choose for them may have a big impact on employee satisfaction, recruiting and retention. With a wide choice of plans and benefits, we can help you find the right fit for your business and budget.

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Taking good care of your business and employees

Providing access to quality care

It's important for employees to be able to get the health care they need as simply as possible. Supported by the nation's largest proprietary network,2 our medical plans are designed to offer greater value for you and your employees.

Delivering a simpler experience

Benefits like $0 copays, virtual care, rewards programs and more are designed to help make it easier for employees to get care when they want it and take steps toward better health.

Helping employees make more informed choices

Plans include access to resources created to help employees better understand their benefits, address health risks sooner and find care at lower costs.

Working hand-in-hand with providers

We work closely with network providers and facilities to help enable delivery of quality, evidence-based, cost-efficient care through incentives, value-based arrangements and data sharing.

A reimagined health plan with clear, upfront pricing

Built differently to give employees more control over their health experience, the Surest health plan is an ACA-compliant solution that gives employers with 51+ employees the opportunity to offer a sustainable, intuitive health benefit without shifting costs to employees.

  • Copay only with no deductible or coinsurance 
  • Members see prices in advance of seeking care 
  • Access to the largest UnitedHealthcare nationwide provider network

Choose from a variety of plans for your business

Getting more value with tiered benefits

Tiered benefits are available with some UnitedHealthcare plans to help encourage employees and covered family members to receive their care from certain providers and facilities that may offer the greatest value, with the flexibility to access a larger network at a higher cost.

  • Premium tiering encourages employees to choose UnitedHealth Premium® physicians evaluated for quality and cost efficiency
  • Hospital tiering encourages employees to choose Premium designated providers, specialists and hospitals (market restrictions apply)
  • Place of Service differentials deliver savings when employees get health care services from a freestanding facility instead of a hospital-based facility
  • Preferred Lab tiering allows employees to get lab services at no additional cost when services are delivered by a Preferred Lab facility

Health plans with surplus refund potential

Designed for more flexibility and simplicity, UnitedHealthcare Level Funded and All Savers® Alternate Funding plans are built to give businesses more ways to save. Because these plans are based on your plan participants’ actual medical claims, your health plan may get a surplus refund at year-end if those claims are lower than expected.3

More savings — exemption from many Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations and state premium taxes
More stability — fixed monthly plan costs and safeguards to help protect your business from unexpected high claims
More flexibility — a variety of plan designs, plus wellness programs and telemedicine at no additional cost

Connecting employees to care and support

No matter which health plan you choose, employees get built-in access to programs and resources to help support them every step of the way.

On-the-go access

Using® or the UnitedHealthcare® app, employees can find care options, see claim details, view progress toward deductibles and more.

Chat with a provider 24/7

With 24/7 Virtual Visits, employees can connect with a provider for a wide range of urgent, nonemergency medical conditions4 through or the UnitedHealthcare app.

Personal support

For answers to questions about care or coverage, employees can call the number on their health plan ID card and connect 1-on-1 with someone who can help.

Out-of-network support

Naviguard can help employees resolve unexpected medical expenses. To get started, employees can call the number on the back of their UnitedHealthcare ID card or visit for more information.

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