Specialty benefits

From closing critical gaps in care to streamlining member experience, better outcomes may be within reach when clients choose UnitedHealthcare specialty benefits.

Find specialty plan information and materials

Dental benefits

Providing preventive and orthodontic care, plus enhanced benefits for conditions like diabetes and pregnancy.

Vision benefits

With at least 23 health conditions identifiable during a dilated eye exam,1 vision coverage can be an integral part of overall health.

Core life and disability plans and more

Including basic and supplemental life, short- and long-term disability, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) administration and leave-accommodation services.

New coverage option for intermittent workforce

UnitedHealthcare FlexworkTM is a new coverage making healthier possible for all by providing comprehensive, customizable benefit options for full-time, part-time, and anytime employees.

Supplemental health plans

Providing additional financial security during illness and injury through accident protection, critical illness and hospital indemnity plans.

Hearing plans

With benefits for name-brand and private-label hearing aids at significant savings.

Pet insurance

Are your clients aware this is the most frequently requested voluntary benefit?2

Inspiring healthier with the goal of improving outcomes

Improving recruitment and retention

Two-thirds of employees said they would leave their job if they were offered another position with a better health benefits package.3

Closing gaps in care

Integrating vision coverage with medical delivered a 15% improvement in identification of chronic conditions like diabetes.5

Driving engagement

Over 27% of targeted at-risk members returned to dental care, delivering up to 20% lower medical claim costs.4

Streamlining experience

Data sharing between medical and specialty plans is designed to help drive more proactive member outreach and clinical referrals, which may help employees get more from all of their benefits.

Specialty benefits in action

Seamless orchestration of medical and specialty benefits — vision, dental and financial protection — is designed to create a simplified experience for employees. And the data has shown a positive impact on outcomes, experiences and affordability.


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