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Centers of Excellence

We are here for you, Arizona

What are Centers of Excellence?

Centers of Excellence (COEs) are specialized care programs. These programs are for people with difficult health challenges. Things like complex medical and behavioral health conditions. The types of conditions addressed are set by the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS).

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan works with carefully selected community partners. They’re all known for leadership, quality and service. We work very closely with our partners. Each one delivers proven service in:

  • Choice of care delivered
  • Clinical excellence
  • Member satisfaction

How are COEs identified?

We select Centers of Excellence (COEs) based on:

  • Range of clinical experience
  • Number of patients served
  • Treatment planning
  • Level of care coordination
  • Proven quality and results

Our COE partners also need to show that they:

  • Measure ongoing program effectiveness
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Follow proven “best practices”
  • Seek cost-effective methods of care

UnitedHealthcare and Centers of Excellence

UnitedHealthcare is a leader in selecting Centers of Excellence (COEs). Our partners use evidence-based, quality-of-care protocols. That helps improve care for complex procedures.

Members who seek care from a COE may benefit from:

  • A rigorous review process and criteria
  • Improved health outcomes
  • Dedicated member support by specialized clinicians
  • Better care coordination and/or case management support
  • Fewer emergency room visits, hospital stays and other adverse events

Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence (COE) Providers   Website
Birth to 5 Southwest Human Development
First Episode Psychosis Resilient Health
Transition Age Youth, Transition to Independence Southwest Network
Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Intermountain Centers for Human Development
Autism Spectrum Disorder Intermountain Centers for Human Development
Pain Management Pima Pain Center