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Indiana, we’ve got you covered

No-cost or low-cost health coverage from UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. Learn about UnitedHealthcare Medicaid health plans we offer in Indiana.

Helping people is at the heart of all we do

All Hoosiers deserve affordable health care, including you. At UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, we help people live healthier lives.

We offer many plans to help Hoosiers get healthy — and stay healthy. 

See why Hoosiers choose UnitedHealthcare

Whatever plan you choose, UnitedHealthcare will help you get the care you need.

  • Large variety of network providers
  • Low- or no-cost prescription drugs
  • Well visits, routine shots, community health events and more
  • Dental and vision services
  • Transportation to medical appointments

Watch the video at right to learn more about UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Indiana.

1Benefits, features, and/or devices vary by plan/area. Limitations, exclusions and/or network restrictions may apply. Other hearing exam providers are available in the UnitedHealthcare network. The plan only covers hearing aids from a UnitedHealthcare Hearing network provider.

It's your health. It's your choice.

Everyone deserves affordable health care, including you.

People who are aged, blind or disabled, and caretakers of children in foster care should check out UnitedHealthcare Community Plan.

We have the Medicaid benefits and extras that can make a real difference in your life, all at no cost to you.

  • Dental coverage
  • Vision coverage
  • Transportation for medical appointments and other approved trips
  • A nurse line available 24/7 to answer your health questions.

Sometimes you might need a little extra help. Get extras not covered by Medicaid.

  • Dedicated support from the same member services advocate every time you call us.
  • As a new member, earn a gift card when you complete your health assessment.
  • Our On My Way program provides helpful tips to prepare for adulthood.
  • Learn about our referral programs for low-cost internet or a free mobile phone.

We also offer resources to help you make the most of your plan, including diabetes supplies, well visits and immunizations, prescription drugs, mental health and substance use treatment.

Visit for more information.

Helping you live a healthier life.

We are here for you. Indiana.

Remember to choose UnitedHealthcare Community Plan and get the plan that gets you more.

To learn more about UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, visit 

Indiana health plans

Hoosier Care Connect:

  • Program for Hoosiers 59 years of age or younger who are eligible for Medicaid 
  • Includes individuals who are blind or disabled
  • Also includes foster children and wards of the State

Indiana PathWays for Aging (PathWays):

  • Program for Hoosiers aged 60 and older who are eligible for Medicaid
  • Choices include getting nursing facility level of care at home or in a community setting, while living independently
  • Many also qualify for coverage with a Dual Special Needs Program (D-SNP) Medicare program

Featured Programs


New On-Demand Self Care for $0.

You can get the Self Care app from AbleTo at no cost. Self Care offers you:

  • Meditation tools to help you relax
  • Mood and habit tracking so you can find patterns and see how your behaviors affect your mood
  • Guides around topics that matter most to you
  • Optional weekly check-ins to unlock personalized content

To get started, visit


Choice of provider

You’ll have a primary medical provider (PMP) who’ll be your main health care provider. This includes checkups, treatments, vaccinations, minor injuries and health issues. Talk to your PMP about any other concerns you may have. Your PMP can help you decide the right options for you.

Your PMP is your main provider for:

  • Preventive care like checkups, cancer screenings and vaccinations
  • Treatment if you are sick or injured
  • Referrals to specialists for certain conditions

Use the Provider Lookup Tool to see if your provider is in our network. We can also help you find a PMP close to you. You can change your PMP at any time.

Virtual visits with Doctor Chat

It’s not always easy to visit a provider in person. Virtual visits (or telehealth) let you talk to a health care provider 24/7 using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Telehealth is a good option to treat common conditions that have standard treatments. Here are some examples:

  • Cold, flu, and fever
  • Cough, aches, and sore throat
  • Allergies, skin rash, and irritation
  • Urinary tract/bladder infection
  • Ear infections
  • Sinus infections
  • Migraine/headache
  • And more

HealthTalk member newsletter

Our HealthTalk newsletter is now online. The newsletters are a great way to learn about our health plan and important health topics.

You can read it whenever, wherever you want. Check back quarterly for a new edition.

English | Español


Quitting smoking or vaping

Quitting is hard, but we can help. Did you know that 20 minutes after you quit smoking, your heart rate drops to a normal level? And within 24 hours after quitting the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal.

Talk to your PMP about quitting. Or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) to get free coaching, counseling and supplies to help you quit.


24-hour NurseLine

Speak to a registered nurse anytime 24/7 to get answers to any health-related question or concern.

Our nurses will:

  • Listen to symptoms
  • Help with self-care
  • Advise you about getting care at a provider visit or an urgent care center
  • Help you know when to go to the emergency room

Translations, large print, Braille and more

You can get information in another language. Just ask. We can connect you with interpreter services which covers more than 170 languages. 

Our network includes many providers who are multilingual. Our provider directory shows which languages they speak. 

You can also get information in large print, Braille or audio files on a CD or flash drive. We can also assist with interpreter services, including American Sign Language.

If you have trouble hearing over the phone you can use a text telephone. This free service allows persons with hearing or speech disabilities to place and receive telephone calls. You can get help by calling 800-421-6204 or State Relay 711 for callers with speech or hearing disabilities.

If you need help with the information in any document, including written/oral translation; or in a different format like large print or as an audio file, we can help you at no cost. You can get help by calling 800-421-6204 or State Relay 711 for callers with speech or hearing disabilities.

Si necesita ayuda con la información en cualquier documento incluida la traducción oral/escrita, un formato diferente (como letra grande), o un archivo de audio, podemos ayudarlo sin costo. Puede obtener ayuda llamando 800-421-6204 o State Retransmisión 711 para personas con discapacidad auditiva o del habla.

Learn about plan types

Medicaid Plans

Hoosier Care Connect is an Indiana health coverage program that serves individuals who are blind or disabled, as well as children in foster care and wards of the State.

Indiana PathWays for Aging is an Indiana health coverage program for Hoosiers aged 60 and older who are eligible for Medicaid. Research shows that most older adults - 75% or more - want to age at home and in their communities. Indiana PathWays for Aging makes it possible for Hoosiers to age their way. A nursing home might be the right choice for some individuals. PathWays offers more choices that allow individuals to get nursing facility level of care at home or in a community setting, while living independently.