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Baby on the way

Text message between couple, Izzy (young Latinx woman) and Josh (young AAPI man)

Today 3:46 PM

Izzy: On my way back from my OBGYN. I could hear the baby’s heartbeat! (heart emoji)

Everything is fine, BUT they asked for health insurance information, and I don’t have any...the last thing I want is for us to worry about all the pregnancy bills piling up and not getting the care we need, on top of all the baby stuff. We REALLY need to get coverage for me and the baby!

Josh: I talked to my HR department today and you won’t be able to get on my plan. But my coworker told me that she was on Medicaid while she was still looking for a job after graduation.

Let’s check it out—lots of people on Medicaid are college grads like us. I’ll send you the link.

(Sends link to the page)

Izzy: (3 heart emojis)

Today 5:39 PM

Izzy: OMG babe! I checked, and I’m eligible for Medicaid! I am so relieved! (smiley face emoji)

Josh: Awesome! Let’s talk more about it tonight. Love you!

Izzy and Josh are excited about becoming new parents but are worried about not being able to receive the care a mom-to-be and baby need since Izzy can't get coverage through Josh's employer. Josh learns about Medicaid from a co-worker and after checking the eligibility online, Izzy finds out that she qualifies! Now, they can continue going to her prenatal appointments without any worries and instead can focus on the other things that matter to new parents - like decorating the nursery before welcoming their little bundle of joy! 

Check your Medicaid eligibility