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Following her dreams

Text message between two young women Stacy (Black) and Katrina (white)

Sun, Feb 6, 1:23 PM

Stacy: Hey Katrina, you missed a fun party last night! Everyone asked when you’ll be moving back to the city. How’s living with your parents treating you?

Katrina: It’s great! I am starting to build my own vlog channel, and my parents are super supportive of me pursuing my own path. But I miss you all and can’t wait to move back into the city again. (sad face emoji) I also need to get health insurance. I can’t get on my parents’ insurance anymore now that I’m 26. I haven’t seen my OBGYN and primary care doctor in a while! (laughing face emoji)

Stacy: Girl, regular check-ups are important! You should look into Medicaid. I was on it after I had to get off my parents’ healthcare plan when I turned 26 and started my small business.

Stacy: (Sends link to the page)

Katrina: OMG, I never even thought about Medicaid as an option. Thank you! I’ll look into it.

Tue, Feb 8, 2:17 PM

Katrina: Hi! THANK YOU for sending that Medicaid link, it was suuuper easy to check and turns out, I am eligible. I have doctor appointments next week, and I’m actually looking forward to them! (laughing face) Thanks again!

Stacy: (smiley face emoji)

Twenty-six year old Katrina is pursuing her dream of starting her own beauty vlog channel and building a social media presence. Although she's thankful that she can save money and live at home with her parents while she gains a following and brand partnerships, she worries about not being able to get her regular health check-ups now that she no longer qualifies to be on her parents' insurance since turning 26 a few months ago. She realizes that she needs health care coverage of her own. Katrina learns from her friend Stacy about her own experiences with Medicaid when Stacy decided to launch her own small business. After checking her eligibility online, Katrina is relieved to learn that she can get covered! Now with Medicaid, she can start scheduling those all too important preventative appointments and has peace of mind knowing that she can get the care that she needs until she's able to figure out what's next.

Check your Medicaid eligibility