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Loss of a spouse or partner

Text message between mother and daughter (both are of Hispanic heritage)

Today 9:17 AM

Elena: Hola mamita, I am calling to see how you are doing.

Mom: Mija, I am doing OK. Still difficult to believe your papito is dead…

Elena: I know, mamita. How are you doing with all the bills and the money situation? It can be very difficult for you, so let me know if I can help you, OK?

Mom: Thank you, my love! It’s a lot, but I can do it. Biggest thing I need to resolve is my health insurance since I am not covered by your papito’s plan anymore and I need to see my doctor for my regular medical examination.

Elena: You know, you could be eligible for Medicaid.

Mom: Medicaid is for people who need more help than me.

Elena: I have a coworker who told me she was on Medicaid when all she could find were part-time jobs. I think you should get information about your options. I will send you the link.

(Sends link to the page)

Mom: Gracias mija, I will!

Today 2:55 PM

Mom: Guess what? I may be eligible! I’ll give them a call to get more information.

Carla is grieving the passing of her husband of 30 years, Hugo. Throughout their marriage, Carla was a stay-at-home mom and depended on Hugo's health insurance coverage through his employer. Now that he's gone, she is worried about managing finances and figuring out how to cover her doctor appointments so she can stay healthy for her daughter and grandchildren. When her daughter tells her about Medicaid, Carla is surprised, she always thought it was for people who needed more support than her. But after checking her eligibility online, she learns that she qualifies and is relieved to know that she can make her health a priority once again.

Check your Medicaid eligibility