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If you get a dual health plan, do you lose your Medicaid benefits?

Posted: February 11, 2020

Last updated date: December 01, 2022

Dual health plans are for people who have both Medicaid and Medicare. When people find out about the extra benefits and features dual health plans offer, they get pretty excited. But that can be quickly replaced by fear that they could lose their Medicaid benefits. The truth is, a dual health plan won’t change your Medicaid benefits in any way. Plus, you could get more Medicare benefits. Read on to see how it works.

How can I have both Medicaid and Medicare?

To get a dual health plan, you need to qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare. You qualify for Medicaid based on having low income. You need to meet the income requirements in your state. You qualify for Medicare based on age (being 65 or older) or due to having a disability. People who qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare are “dual-eligible.” That also makes them eligible for a dual health plan.

A dual health plan is a type of Medicare plan

If you already have Medicare coverage, you probably have Original Medicare. A dual health plan is a special kind of Medicare plan, called a Medcare Advantage plan. It includes everything you get with Original Medicare, plus prescription drug coverage and many other extra benefits and features on top.* And you could get it all with as low as a $0 plan premium.

You’ll keep the same Medicaid plan you have now

A dual health plan doesn’t replace your Medicaid plan. You’ll keep all the same Medicaid plan and all the same Medicaid benefits you get now. It puts people’s minds at ease to know they don’t give up anything to get a dual health plan. With a dual health plan, you have nothing to lose and so much more to gain.

What’s the next step to get a dual health plan?

Enter your ZIP code below to search for dual health plans available in your area. Or learn more about how to enroll in a dual eligible plan.

Switching is easier than you may think

If you qualify for a dual health plan, you may have quite a lot of medical needs. It’s understandable why you might be hesitant to switch. Why go through all that hassle? Well, the whole point of dual plans is to help make life easier. At UnitedHealthcare, we’ve helped many many people switch. We know how to make enrolling in a dual health plan as easy as possible.

*Benefits and features vary by plan/area. Limitations and exclusions apply. 

What type of plan am I eligible for?

Answer a few quick questions to see what type of plan may be a good fit for you.

Find Medicaid plans in your area

Medicaid or dual-eligible plan benefits can change depending on where you live. Search using your ZIP code to find the right plan to meet your health care needs.