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MS CHIP How To Enroll

As indicated, your child's enrollment in the Mississippi CHIP program is for 12 months or until your child loses eligibility, whichever comes first. The Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) will tell UnitedHealthcare the date your child is enrolled and their eligibility continues until DOM tells UnitedHealthcare the date your child will be disenrolled.

Important - Contact DOM:

  • If your family moves. If you don't, DOM and UnitedHealthcare will not have your correct address. This will prevent you from receiving important information about your child's coverage and eligibility.
  • If your family size changes.
  • If your income goes up or down.
  • If you get health care coverage under another policy or there are changes to that coverage.

You need to renew or recertify your child's Mississippi CHIP coverage every year. DOM will send you a letter when your child is due for an eligibility review. This letter will tell you what you need to do to renew your child's coverage for another year. If you have questions about the recertification process, contact DOM at 1-866-635-1347.

End of Coverage
If your child is disenrolled from the CHIP program, their coverage ends on the last day of the month that the eligibility ends.