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Tennessee CoverKids Plan - Lookup Tools

Find A Provider

We have contracted with many physicians, hospitals and specialists to help meet referral needs. With this tool, you can search our network of health care providers for specialists, hospitals, laboratories, X-ray centers and more.

If you are looking for a provider(s) in your area, a Member Service Representative can assist you in finding the provider(s) that you need.

Remember, your primary care doctor will make the referral to other health care providers for you. It is important that your primary care doctor notify us of referrals as necessary. Only by doing so can he or she take total responsibility for your care. Also, when visiting a specialist, always identify yourself as a member and present your CoverKids ID card.

Search for a Provider


Links and Resources

LabCorp Laboratories

Find A Drug

The Preferred Drug List (PDL) is a list of prescription drugs. It is used for the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan and UnitedHealthcare government-paid health plans.

View the Preferred Drug List (PDL)

Behavioral health care (mental health, alcohol or drug abuse services)

You do not need to see your PCP before getting behavioral health services. But, you will need to get your care from someone who is in our network. If you’re getting care now, ask your provider if they take CoverKids.

A Community Mental Health Agency (CMHA) is one place you can go for mental, alcohol or drug abuse services. Most CMHAs take CoverKids.

You can get help for a mental health, alcohol or drug abuse emergency anytime even if you are away from home. And you don’t have to get an OK from anyone before you get emergency care.

If you have a mental health, alcohol or drug abuse emergency, go to the nearest mental health crisis walk in center or ER right away.

What if you don’t know where your closest mental health crisis walk in center is? Call Mental Health Crisis Services at: 855-CRISIS-1 (or 855-274-7471) right away. These calls are free. Or, you can call your provider. Your provider can help you get emergency care if you need it. CoverKids pays for mental health, alcohol or drug abuse emergencies even if the doctor or hospital isn’t in the Provider Network. 

Children under age 18 

If you are under 18 years-old or your child is under age 18 and has a behavioral health (mental health, alcohol or drug abuse) emergency:

  • Go to the nearest ER, or
  • Call 911, or

Call the statewide crisis line or the regional phone number in your area. Your call will be routed to a crisis specialist for help — 24/7 statewide crisis line: 855-274-7471 (855-CRISIS-1).

To reach an agency directly:

Youth Villages

866-791-9221 — North Middle TN

866-791-9222 — South Middle TN

866-791-9227 — Rural West TN

866-791-9226 — Memphis Region

866-791-9224 — East Region

866-791-9225 — South East Region

Mental Health Cooperative

615-726-0125 — Davidson County

Frontier Health

877-928-9062 — Upper East TN

Helen Ross McNabb

865-539-2409 — East TN

Youth Villages, Frontier Health, Helen Ross McNabb, and Mental Health Co-Operative offer statewide crisis services for children under age 18. If you go to the ER, someone from one of these agencies in your area may come help evaluate your child’s need for care. If you have problems reaching someone at the number listed for your area, call 1-866-600-4985,

TTY/TDD 711. We will help you. You can also call 911. These calls are free.

Always carry your CoverKids card with you. In case of an emergency, doctors will know that you have CoverKids.

Dental care for children (for teeth)

If you are a child under the age of 19, you also have a dental plan for your teeth called DentaQuest.

Their phone number is 1-888-291-3766. You can call DentaQuest to find a dentist. Or, if you have questions about caring for your child’s teeth, you can call them. It’s a free call.

Children’s teeth need special care. Children under age 19 should have a checkup and cleaning every six months. Children need to start seeing a dentist by age 3 or even earlier for some children.

CoverKids will pay for other dental care if it is medically necessary. Braces are covered only if they are medically necessary.

You do not need to see your PCP before you go to a dentist. But, you will need to go to a DentaQuest dentist.

This dental care is only for children under age 19. CoverKids does not pay for any routine dental care for pregnant women 19 and older

Vision Care

Members age 18 and younger receive: an exam and glaucoma testing) per calendar year, one set of lenses (including bi-focal, tri-focal, etc.) per calendar year; and one set of eyeglass frames every 2 calendar years.

For pregnant women age 19 and older, vision services are limited to medical evaluation and management of abnormal conditions and disorders of the eye. The first pair of cataract glasses or contact lens/lenses after cataract surgery are covered.