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What is hospital indemnity insurance?

Hospital indemnity insurance is also called hospitalization insurance or hospital insurance. These are plans that pay you or your provider benefits when you need care that requires you to stay in a hospital, whether for planned or unplanned reasons, or for other covered medical services, depending on the policy. Medical costs can quickly add up when care in a hospital setting is needed. Hospital indemnity plans offer coverage options designed to help with managing the financial impact of a hospital stay.

Why should I buy hospital indemnity insurance?

Nearly 34 million patients are admitted to the hospital each year.1 Choosing hospital indemnity insurance plans from UnitedHealthcare, underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, can be a way to help prepare your budget in the event this happens to you or your family.

See how choosing a hospital indemnity plan can benefit you

A hospital indemnity plan can help add to your medical coverage by providing a cash benefit to help cover expenses related to a hospital stay, like:


Pharmacy prescriptions

Other non-covered expenses, like transportation


Pharmacy prescriptions

Other non-covered expenses, like transportation

How do hospital indemnity insurance plans work?

When you need to use your hospital indemnity coverage, you can access your benefits by following a few steps.

  1. Complete a claim form.
  2. Submit the claim form. Include copies of your receipts for any covered items. Check your plan details for specific coverage information.
  3. Receive a check. You’ll be issued a benefit check to use as you see fit.2

With some plans, you may have the option to receive a discount on covered services if you use certain providers and have your plan pay that provider directly.

Benefits are paid in a lump sum directly to you or to your provider. Amounts are fixed and determined by your policy, regardless of the amount of expenses incurred.

Frequently asked questions

Get more details about hospital indemnity insurance and how it may help support your budget in the event of an unexpected hospital stay.

Why choose hospital indemnity plans from UnitedHealthcare?

No deductible

No amount to meet to receive your benefits

Benefit payments for what you need

Use the benefits as you decide

No networks

Payment amounts are the same whether you choose network3 or out-of-network providers.

Multiple coverage options

Benefits available for the entire family. Coverage is renewable until age 65.

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