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Many members regularly take medication to help control or reduce symptoms of chronic disease or other health conditions. Because of this, a large portion of drug costs are attributed to maintenance medications. OptumRx home delivery is one solution that offers a variety of benefits. 

  • Optimized costs ­– choosing home delivery may help reduce costs and lead to greater savings for members. Typically, switching from retail to home delivery saves more because it eliminates dispensing fees and offers better rates. 
  • Enhanced safety – each new prescription goes through a minimum of 16 quality checks to help ensure each order is processed safely and accurately.
  • Outstanding customer service - OptumRx customer, clinical, and operational services have been widely recognized and acclaimed. Members agree — their satisfaction rates have been measured at over 91%, with 94% likely to continue using home delivery.1

Proven outcomes - studies show that home delivery users are more compliant with using their medications.

  • 16% better compliance among diabetic patients using home delivery vs. retail pharmacies.2
  • 14.5% increase in achieving target cholesterol levels for patients using home delivery vs. retail pharmacies.3

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How OptumRx Home Delivery Works


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