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What sets UnitedHealthcare apart

Mineral now included for eligible level funded clients in Delaware

Learn how Delaware employers can benefit from Mineral – now available for new 5–99 UnitedHealthcare Level Funded clients.

Care Cash aims to help Delaware small business members make healthier choices and save on care costs

When employees receive financial support for health care expenses through Care Cash, they may be able to save money, stay healthier and take ownership of their health.

Committed to our Delaware community

UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to supporting Delaware employers, employees and their families by building strong, lasting relationships in the community. Our presence in Delaware includes:1

More than 111,000 members

within Delaware communities

More than 7,400 providers

available to meet member needs in Delaware

49 UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation grants totaling $120,000

in support of communities across Delaware

More than 410 UnitedHealthcare employees

within Delaware communities

Latest news

Greg Reidy shares how UnitedHealthcare is helping employers in Delaware manage their costs.

The Broad Pharmacy network will be paired with small business plan designs instead of Standard Select Pharmacy Network.

The cost-share for 24/7 Virtual Visits will be reduced to $0 for UnitedHealthcare small business HSA plans beginning with Jan. 1, 2024, effective dates.

Meet your Delaware team

UnitedHealthcare in Delaware is here to serve the needs of employers, employees and their families across the state.

Paul Marden

CEO UnitedHealthcare Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

Paul Marden is the CEO of UnitedHealthcare’s commercial operations in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He leads the team responsible for providing access to commercial health benefit products and services to small and large employers up to 5,000 employees. With more than 35 years in the health insurance industry, Paul is well positioned to drive UnitedHealthcare’s agenda focused on affordability, simplicity and delivering quality, supported care.

Paul Sharkey

Executive Director

Michelle Goglia

Vice President,  Account Management 51+

Ashley Muldoon

Director of Account Management 51+

Andrew Aplin

Manager, Sales and Account Management 2-50