Bind becomes Surest: New name reflects price transparency for consumers

Now with a new name, Surest aims to create a better health plan that gives people power over their health experience.

Surest™, a UnitedHealthcare company formerly known as Bind, redesigned how health plans work by removing deductibles, offering clear costs in advance of treatment, and lowering total health care costs for employers and employees.

Surest seeks to simplify how people navigate the health system, removing barriers to care and making it easier to comparison shop for medical services based on up-front prices. Compared to traditional medical plans, Surest is different in multiple ways.

Clarifying prices and options

With Surest, there are no hidden prices. Employees see clear price tags in advance, so they can shop around and compare options before making an appointment or filling a prescription. These lower prices are an indication of higher-value care — based on efficiency, cost and treatment effectiveness.

Because Surest members have visibility into price and quality, they choose differently — 8 out of 10 members spend less than $500 out-of-pocket annually1, compared to $976 in other plans.2

Improving the member experience

With no jargon or complicated math to determine care costs, the Surest app and website are designed to be easy to use and understand.

And with a highly trained Surest Member Service Team on call to answer additional questions, members can check costs across a broad national provider network, then choose what works best for their lifestyle and budget.

From year to year, 88% of Surest members re-enroll in the Surest plan.3

Delivering greater savings for all

Offering innovative benefits like Surest can help attract and retain talent in a competitive job market. With Surest, employers and employees have the potential to pay less for health care without narrowing the network, diluting what’s offered or forcing employees to pick up a bigger portion of the costs.

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