Broad Pharmacy Network reintroduced for Pennsylvania small business plans effective Jan. 1, 2024

The Broad Pharmacy network will be paired with small business plan designs instead of Standard Select Pharmacy Network.

Beginning with Jan. 1, 2024, new business effective dates, all UnitedHealthcare fully insured and level funded small business (2–50) plan designs will be paired with the Broad Pharmacy Network instead of the Standard Select Pharmacy Network.

Existing groups

  • UnitedHealthcare fully insured: Current 2–50 UnitedHealthcare fully insured groups with the Standard Select pharmacy will be automatically switched to the Broad Pharmacy Network upon renewal.
  • UnitedHealthcare Level Funded: Current 2–50 UnitedHealthcare level funded groups will need to actively select the Broad Pharmacy Network at renewal, or they will remain with the Standard Select Pharmacy Network. 

About the Broad Pharmacy Network

The Broad Pharmacy Network provides access1 to more than 67,000 pharmacies nationwide, including major chains, mass merchants, and supermarkets. Examples of network pharmacies include CVS®, Rite Aid®, Walgreens® and Walmart®.

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