Mineral now included for eligible level funded clients in Maine

Mineral™ provides Human Resource regulatory and compliance support for level funded 2–99 businesses.

Beginning with June 1, 2023, effective dates, Mineral will be embedded for new 2–99 UnitedHealthcare Level Funded clients in Maine. It will also be embedded for existing level funded clients upon their renewal date.

About Mineral

Mineral provides Human Resource regulatory and compliance support to businesses.

Mineral is designed to help small businesses with:

  • Keeping track of new laws and regulations
  • Reducing their administrative burden
  • Building and maintaining an employee handbook
  • Addressing harassment, diversity and inclusion

What’s next

Upon the clients’ policy effective date, they will receive a welcome communication with instructions on how to set up their account. A Mineral representative will reach out to them to schedule a personal, live demo of everything Mineral can offer.

Learn more

To learn more about Mineral, contact your UnitedHealthcare representative. Download this file and watch the below video for more information. 

About Mineral

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