Working to make health insurance oh-so-much simpler

Founded in 2016 with UnitedHealth Group investment from the beginning, Surest is what’s next in health care industry innovation — built for more choice, flexibility and savings.

A UnitedHealthcare company, Surest® is built to provide what most people expect — preventive care, urgent/emergency care, behavioral health care and more — but with a far simpler plan design. Surest aims to tackle 3 challenges with innovative solutions:

1 in 4 people went without medical care

due to uncertainty over coverage

$5,969 in average health care costs

 paid by employees each year

$1T of U.S. health care spending is wasteful

and costs continue to rise, forcing some employers to choose between trimming the benefit or shifting costs to employees

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With these solutions, Surest is delivering results that matter for employers and employees:

  • With high member satisfaction, 8 out of 10 members said they would be disappointed if their employer no longer offered Surest
  • Year-over-year growth from 2021 to 2022 has shown a 155% increase in the number of employers using a Surest plan
  • With lower costs and a simpler experience, employers can save up to 15%, because the majority of Surest members "understand" or "really understand" their plan

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