Placemat: Remodeling health insurance from floor to ceiling

A UnitedHealthcare company, Surest® is built to provide what most people expect — preventive care, urgent/emergency care, behavioral health care and more — but with a far simpler plan design. Surest aims to tackle 3 challenges with innovative solutions:


Hidden costs

Clear, upfront pricing allows members to compare prices and options from different providers to make cost-effective decisions that lead to better outcomes.

High deductibles With coverage from the start, members don’t have a deductible to meet before coverage kicks in, no coinsurance and a greater potential for lower out-of-pocket costs.
No control and limited choices More options and flexibility provide Surest members with access to the broad, nationwide UnitedHealthcare network, no mandatory referrals, no-cost preventive care and low-cost virtual care.
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With these solutions, Surest is delivering results that matter for employers and employees:

  • With high member satisfaction, 86% of members said they would be disappointed if their employer no longer offered Surest
  • Year-over-year growth from 2021 to 2022 has shown a 174% increase in the number of employers that offer Surest
  • With lower costs and a simpler experience, 82% of Surest members say they “understand” or “really understand” their plan

Accelerating the pace of innovation in health care

Addressing the complexity of the health care industry requires a greater investment in data and analytics, digital transformation and strategic collaborations. 

Transforming health care at the local level

A few UnitedHealthcare regional leaders share how innovation is coming to life in their markets and why meeting employees where they are may be more important than ever.

Bringing new health care solutions to life for employers and employees

A one-page placemat that summarizes the ways UnitedHealthcare is transforming the future of health care.

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