White Paper: Driving more health care value with a Total Cost of Care approach

Controlling health care spending is more of a priority than ever with about two-thirds of employers struggling with managing health care costs for their organization and employees. 

UnitedHealthcare helps employers build a benefits strategy that addresses their long-term cost trend while improving value and the member experience. This includes removing wasteful spending, improving outcomes and coordinating care across providers. UnitedHealthcare works to achieve this by focusing on 4 key areas:

  • Clinical and care management
  • Network and product design
  • Employee engagement
  • Payment integrity

Cost strategies may evolve with the everchanging health care industry and economy to better meet the needs of employees. UnitedHealthcare has the ability to offer employers innovative solutions that drive towards health equity, help address social determinants of health and improve access to care.

Please download our latest white paper for more information on total cost of care strategies and the impact they have on employers and members. 

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