Surest is coming to 51+ fully insured business in New Hampshire

Eligible employees in New Hampshire will be able to select Surest beginning with July 1, 2023 effective dates.

SurestTM, a UnitedHealthcare company, redesigned how health plans work by removing deductibles, offering clear costs in advance of treatment, providing opportunities to lower health care costs for both employers and employees.

Surest, which has been available to self-funded customers since 2020, will now be available to fully insured groups with 51+ eligible employees in New Hampshire beginning with July 1, 2023, effective dates. Quoting begins May 1, 2023.

The Surest experience

The Surest plan provides members:

  • Access to the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network of 1.6 million physicians1
  • Designed to be easy-to-use and understand, the Surest app lets members search and compare care options before making an appointment
  • No deductibles or coinsurance. Clear, upfront prices with no complicated math
  • Opportunities to save – 46% of Surest members had lower out-of-pocket costs compared to traditional plans2

The Surest plan provides employers:

  • The opportunity to save up to 15% savings when compared to a traditional managed care plan3
  • Access to a simplified health plan, with 82% of Surest members reporting they have a better understanding of their previous health plan4

Learn more about how Surest is redesigning health plans here

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