UnitedHealthcare provides access and potential savings opportunities throughout Pennsylvania

UnitedHealthcare is committed to working with employers to implement cost management strategies that meet the moment.

As health care costs are expected to continue to rise, and employers and their employees face increasing economic challenges, UnitedHealthcare is committed to working with employers to implement cost management strategies that meet the moment.

In Pennsylvania, UnitedHealthcare provides solutions that may result in cost savings for employers and employees.

Network access

With most plan designs, employees may pay less for health care by choosing providers in their network. That’s why UnitedHealthcare provides access to all major health systems in Pennsylvania, which now includes all Geisinger hospitals, healthplexes, clinics and providers.

UnitedHealthcare Level Funded

A different kind of health plan, UnitedHealthcare Level Funded is designed to provide a different way to balance the cost savings plan sponsors are looking for with the benefits plan participants want. UnitedHealthcare Level Funded plans may offer an average 17% savings1 compared to our fully insured plan and potential to earn a surplus refund if claims are lower than expected.

  • Available for groups sized 2–300


The Surest health plan is designed to give people power over their health insurance experience through clear, up-front copays, no deductible or coinsurance and an intuitive digital experience, while providing access to the broad UnitedHealthcare provider network. Employer groups may see savings up to 15% compared to other managed care plans2 and members had 54% lower out-of-pocket costs3.

  • Available for groups sized 51+


Garner is a health plan addition that uses data science to assess provider performance and encourage members to select network doctors Garner has determined are high performing, which may result in improved outcomes and a lower cost.

  • Available to UnitedHealthcare fully insured or self-funded groups sized 51+

UnitedHealthcare Benefit Ally®

UnitedHealthcare Benefit Ally bundles supplemental health products – Accident Protection, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity – with a UnitedHealthcare medical plan and delivers a cash payout to employees when they need it most. Payments are automatically triggered by claims data without the need for any forms to be completed to receive reimbursement.

  • Available to UnitedHealthcare fully insured or self-funded groups sized 101+

Care Cash®

To help employees pay towards cost sharing for certain eligible network health care expenses and encourage them to use quality care, UnitedHealthcare offers Care Cash. This preloaded debit card can be used for UnitedHealth Premium® primary care and specialist provider visits, as well as network primary care provider visits, 24/7 Virtual Visits, urgent care visits, outpatient behavioral health visits and lab visits.

  • Included for fully insured non-HSA 2–50 groups

UnitedHealthcare Rewards

UHC Rewards is an incentive program where employees and their covered spouses can earn financial rewards for completing a variety of actions, from tracking daily steps, active minutes and sleep, to completing a biometric screening, health survey, and more. Employees have the potential to earn cash rewards with multiple redemption options.

  • Embedded in most UnitedHealthcare fully insured and UnitedHealthcare Level Funded plans for all group sizes
  • Available as a buy-up for self-funded groups

One Pass SelectTM

One Pass Select provides discounted access to thousands of gyms, with no long-term contracts or annual registration fees to new fully insured UnitedHealthcare members as of Jan. 1, 2024.

  • Available to current members who already receive UnitedHealthcare Rewards will have access to One Pass as of Jan. 1, 2024. All others will be upon renewal.

$0 24/7 Virtual Visits

24/7 Virtual Visits are designed to make urgent and non-emergency health care more affordable by providing $0 cost share without requiring HSA members to meet their deductible.

  • Embedded on all Jan. 1, 2024, small business 2–50 fully insured and level funded plans and upon renewal of existing groups.
  • It is currently available for 51+ groups.

Additional resources

  • 2024 small business enhancements placemat summarizes the enhancements that are available for brokers, employers and members in one document.
  • Sales and account management teams are available to help strategize with you to find the right solutions for your clients. 

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