Home delivery pharmacy

Helping to reduce costs and improve medication access

Many members regularly take medication to help control or reduce symptoms of chronic disease or other health conditions. Because of this, a large portion of drug costs are attributed to maintenance medications. Optum Rx® home delivery is one solution that helps drive affordability, consumer advocacy and simplified access. 

Drives affordability

Choosing home delivery may help reduce medication costs for members. Our capabilities provide medication pricing transparency and lower cost options, which we pair with cost-saving tools that give members the ability to get medications at costs they can afford. 

Simple and safe medication access

Medications are sent in discreet, eco-friendly packages. When needed, medications are sent in packaging that is maintained at target temperatures with 45% more cold storage protection, exceeding industry standards.1

Outstanding customer service

Optum Rx customer, clinical, and operational services have been widely recognized and acclaimed. Optum Rx ranks among the top 2 for overall customer satisfaction among home delivery pharmacies.2

Home delivery pharmacy has proven outcomes

Studies show that home delivery users are more compliant with using their medications.

  • 20%+ higher medication adherence  using home delivery vs. retail pharmacies.3
  • 99.998% accuracy rate – significantly fewer errors than retail. 70% consulting pharmacists time is spent with patients.4
  • 70% consulting pharmacists time is spent with patients 5

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