Group dental benefits for employers

Heart disease. Asthma. Diabetes. Even pregnancy. Those are just some of the conditions that may be impacted by oral health. A UnitedHealthcare dental plan is designed to help close gaps in care, while taking a smaller bite out of an employer's health care spend.

Brush up on all the dental benefits

Offering more ways for employees to access dental care

Employees can access a broad national provider network designed to deliver on their dental care needs — general and pediatric dentistry, orthodontia, periodontal, endodontic or oral surgery, as well as 24/7 teledentistry for urgent needs and wellness features and rewards.

Personalizing plans for your business and employees

Our diverse suite of products can be customized to fit your employees’ needs — and your budget. Choose from a variety of plan designs, including Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), In-Network Only (INO), Exclusive Network and Value plans.

Supporting better oral health

Benefits include 100% coverage for preventive care, additional cleanings and nonsurgical gum treatments during and 3 months after pregnancy, and integrated health management strategies designed to help your employees return to preventive or periodontal care.1

Providing 24/7 digital support

Self-service tools like the UnitedHealthcare Dental app are designed to provide the information, resources and connections you and your employees need, when they’re needed.

Convenience, simplicity and savings

Working with services like these, we help make it easier for your employees to get dental care anytime, anywhere.

Jet Dental offers onsite cleanings and exams conveniently at your company worksite.

Jet Dental offers onsite cleanings and exams conveniently at your company worksite.

Save a bundle when you bundle

Fully insured employers with group sizes between 2 and 100 may see additional savings when they offer UnitedHealthcare Dental alongside their UnitedHealthcare Medical and/or other Specialty plans. Ask your broker, consultant or UnitedHealthcare representative for details.

Get a quote and receive more information from a UnitedHealthcare representative

Compare your current coverage with a plan from UnitedHealthcare and see which is the better fit for your business.

Do you have fewer than 50 employees?

Compare health plans available in your area for your small business and ask for a quote.