Type 1 diabetes

The cause of type 1 (T1D) diabetes is still a medical mystery with no cure (yet).1 What is known is that it’s an autoimmune disease unrelated to eating too much sugar or not exercising.It’s not caused by anything a person did or didn’t do. Anyone, at any age, can develop T1D, although it’s most often diagnosed in children, teens and young adults2 (in the past it was referred to as juvenile diabetes). While a diagnosis may feel overwhelming, type 1 diabetes doesn’t define who a person is. It’s just one aspect of daily life that can be successfully managed. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about type 1 diabetes

Let's take a closer look at some common questions you may have about type 1 diabetes.

Making healthy lifestyle changes to help manage type 1 diabetes

With treatment options and research studies evolving all the time, the future of those living with type 1 diabetes may look brighter. Successful management may include:21

Through careful planning and healthy choices, a type 1 diagnosis may not have to slow you or your child down.