Health and wellness

Living healthier starts with learning about key health topics

Learning about health and wellness is one way to better understand your own health — or the health of a loved one — and help you reach your health and wellness goals. Knowing the basics about certain health conditions, like diabetes or cancer, may help you be more aware of symptoms or risk factors to look out for. As you explore this health and wellness information, you'll find tips on fitness, nutrition and preventive care. You’ll also find mental health information, caregiver resources, children’s health guidance and much more. Take a closer look and see what may help you most along your health and wellness journey. 

See why yearly doctor visits are important for your health and get tips on how to get ready for your next checkup. 

Browse our library of health topics to learn about common health issues and conditions.

Learn how to make healthier eating easier, from balancing calories to practicing mindful eating. 

Understanding mental health issues may help you learn ways to cope for yourself and help you support your loved ones. 

If you’re caring for a family member or friend, find information and resources to help you get the support you need.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for new motivation, get tips on achieving your fitness goals.

Browse a variety of over-the-counter medications, wellness products and more.

Find member programs to support your health and wellness

If you’re a UnitedHealthcare member, there are a number of health care programs that may be available to support your health and wellbeing — from fitness programs to mental health support. Check your specific health plan to learn about the programs available to you. 

Mental health

Mental health programs may be available through your health plan and offer a variety of ways to get support. 


Rewards programs are designed to help motivate a healthy lifestyle and may be included with your benefits. 

Clinical support

Clinical support programs offer help to manage health conditions, like diabetes, heart disease and more.


Health care advocates may help answer questions for members and connect them with resources and support.