Preventive Care

What to know about preventive care at your annual checkup.

An annual checkup is a good way to help make sure everything checks out. With a network provider, your visit may come at no added cost.*

Heading to your annual checkup?

Checking in on your health and getting recommended preventive care may help paint a more accurate picture of your overall well-being — and that’s a good thing to know. Here’s what you might expect at your visit.

Guidelines for everyone

Guidelines for women

Guidelines for people with diabetes

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What’s the difference between preventive and diagnostic care?

Preventive Care

Preventive care — including routine exams, screenings and immunizations — may help detect otherwise undetectable issues early, when health conditions are typically more treatable.1

Diagnostic Care

Diagnostic care helps diagnose or treat symptoms or risk factors that are already present.


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* Certain preventive care items and services, including immunizations, are provided as specified by applicable law, including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and state law, with no cost-sharing to you. These services may be based on your age and other health factors. UnitedHealthcare also covers other routine services, where some plans may require copayments, coinsurance or deductibles for these benefits. Always review your plan documents to determine your specific coverage.

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