Short term health insurance rule

The facts about the Federal short term health insurance rule

If you’re someone shopping for short term health insurance1 the way federal regulations surrounding temporary health insurance have been changing over the last few years may have you asking, "Is this coverage still for me?"

The answer: These changes to regulations are no reason to delay looking for this type of coverage, like a Short Term Medical plan, underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company.

Short term health insurance hasn’t really changed

The main result of the current federal rule is to define short term limited duration insurance to a term of less than 12 months (364 days). However, states still have the final authority to regulate short term health insurance, so plan lengths will vary by state.

Still, the coverage you can get from short term health insurance hasn't changed no matter what length federal regulations say it can be. It remains a fast and flexible solution to temporary health insurance needs. 

Why short term might be the best health insurance for you?

Short term medical insurance may be your best coverage option for a number of reasons.

  • It can be budget-friendly coverage while you are between long-term solutions.
  • It’s available when you need it. You can apply for it year round, not just during some special enrollment period.
  • You can get it fast. If you qualify, coverage could be in effect as soon as the next day after you apply in many cases.
  • You can adapt it to your situation. If you find long-term coverage, you can drop your temporary health insurance coverage without penalty.
  • You can customize it to your needs. Choose from a range of deductibles. Choose whether or not to include coverage for prescriptions. Add coverage for accidents.

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