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What's the difference between short term plans and ACA plans?

If you're considering a short term plan or an ACA plan, here's a quick overview of how these two types of plans work.

Difference between short term plans and ACA plans
Short term health insurance plans ACA Marketplace plans
Plan basics
Short term plans can help you get the benefits you need in times where you may have a gap in coverage — like when you're in between jobs or waiting for other coverage to start. ACA plans are sold on the health care Marketplace (also called the Exchange). Depending on your income, you may be eligible for government subsidies to help lower the cost of an ACA plan.
Type and length of coverage
Short term plans offer limited coverage for a limited time. ACA plans offer comprehensive coverage for a full calendar year as long as you pay your premium.
Consider a short-term plan if you: Consider an ACA plan if you:
  • Missed open enrollment and don't qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP)
  • Have a gap until your ACA plan starts
  • Want coverage until you join Medicare
  • Turned 26 and are coming off a parent's plan
  • Are in between jobs or waiting for benefits to start
  • Are healthy and under 65
  • Can't get health insurance through work
  • Need long-term coverage for you and your family
  • Want comprehensive benefits
  • Qualify for a premium tax credit

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