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Dental health is an important part of your overall health. Dental plans can help you plan and budget for the costs of dental care. With a variety of plans available, you can find basic dental coverage for general dental care or choose coverage for major care, such as dental implants.

Dental insurance plans are underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, and include a range of options so you can find one that's most affordable for you. 

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What do dental plans cover?

Depending on the plan you choose, our dental insurance benefits can include:

Depending on the plan you choose, our dental insurance benefits can include:

Preventive Care

Covers routine cleanings for all covered persons and fluoride treatments for those under the age of 16 on the plan, often with no deductible or waiting period.

Basic services 

This often includes simple fillings or emergency treatment for dental pain.

Major services

This can include retainers and root canals. These are often subject to the plan’s deductible and waiting periods.

Access to a wide dental network 

Including dental offices in both private and retail settings. 

Direct payment to in-network dentists 

No need to submit claim forms.

No age restrictions

Find coverage for every member of your family and every stage of life. Even if you are on Medicare, which doesn’t include dental benefits, we have plans designed specifically for seniors.

How can dental plans make dental care more affordable?

Dental plans can help you manage your dental care costs better — because the cost of not taking care of your oral health could be more. 

  • People without individual dental coverage are less likely to get routine dental care
  • Waiting until there’s a problem means that dental treatment will often be more involved and expensive 
  • Major problems linked to poor oral health (like heart disease and diabetes) are more likely to appear2

Preventive dental care helps prevent these problems

There are multiple dental plans with different levels of benefits to help you find the best dental insurance fit for your budget.3 If you’ve ever bought a gym membership or a treadmill to help remind you to take care of yourself, supplemental dental insurance from Golden Rule Insurance Company can be similar. It’s that reminder to take care of your teeth. Even better, it can help you plan ahead for the costs of your dental care. 

Learn about Dental Premier plans

Dental Premier plans can offer the complete level of coverage you're looking for. View the Dental Premier brochure for your state to explore the details. 

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You can round out your insurance coverage and add it as a rider to your dental insurance.4

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  1. Primary insured must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Oral health: A window to your overall health, Mayo Clinic Staff, June, 4, 2019. Oral health: A window to your overall health
  3. Plan availability varies by state.
  4. Available in most states. Additional premium required.

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