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Choose a doctor to guide your care

What to consider when making your choice

When you’re choosing a doctor, there are many points to consider. Here are some important tips that may help you make a choice that works for you, your care and your budget.

View your provider directory

The first step is to sign in on myuhc.comOpens a new window® if you have your health plan ID card. There, you can view a provider directory that’s specific to your plan. If you don’t have an ID card yet, you can still plan ahead by following the steps below.

Check your network

With almost every plan, you’ll pay less with a network doctor, clinic or hospital. Check your network list on myuhc.comOpens a new window before you choose a doctor or make appointments to help prevent cost surprises.

Look for convenience

You can see a list of clinics on a map using the provider directory on myuhc.comOpens a new window. Choosing a clinic close to home or work might make life easier when you need to see a doctor.

Compare cost and quality

You can also view cost and quality ratings for each clinic using the provider directory on myuhc.comOpens a new window. It’s a good way to help you decide which one will work best for you.

Go mobile

Download the Health4Me® app for mobile access to the provider directory, digital health plan ID cards, cost estimates and more.

Download the app.

Download on on App StoreOpens a new window Get it on Google PlayOpens a new window

Checkup checklists

You can download checklists that focus on a variety of symptoms and topics to help guide your next doctor appointment.

View ChecklistsOpens a new window

Watch to learn more

Watch the Health Insurance Made Clear video series to learn more about getting started with your plan.

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