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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to help you get the most out of your health plan.

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There’s no question about it – health care can be confusing. Below, you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions. You’ll find that many of the answers direct you to a new window). Here’s why. By signing in to, you’ll get personalized answers to your questions. Sign up on a new window) today.

Access your information.

Use a new window) to search for doctors, look up benefits, view costs and claims and much more.

It’s easy to register – here’s how.

  • Go to
  • Have your health plan ID card ready – you’ll need the number to register.
  • Create a username and password.
  • Get started!

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Yes. You can call the Customer Care phone number on your ID card. Write the number down or save it to your phone so you have it handy if you lose your card.

Yes. Log in to a new window) and look on the far left of your personalized home page. The date listed under “Active date” is the day your coverage started.

Your health plan ID card.

While you’re waiting for your ID card to arrive in the mail, you can start exploring what’s available with your plan. Here’s a Waiting for Coverage to Start checklist to use as a guide until your ID card arrives and coverage begins.

You can access a temporary ID card using a new window) or the Health4Me app.


  • Log in and click View ID card to print a temporary card.
  • You can also choose to view, fax or email your ID card.    

On the Health4Me app:

  • Select ID card to view or email your ID card from your smartphone. 

When you have your ID card, you can get started by using the New Member Checklist here as a guide.

One of the first steps is to register on a new window). There you’ll be able to access personalized information about your plan. Have your health plan ID card ready – you’ll need the information to register. Then, create a username and password. It’s that easy.

Find care.

With almost every plan, you’ll pay less when you choose providers in your network. Here are several easy ways to find network doctors, clinics and hospitals.

  • If you have your health plan ID card, log in to a new window). Go to your personalized home page and use the provider search tool to look for doctors, clinics and hospitals in your network. Your search will show you a list of providers, plus you can see cost and quality ratings so you can choose what works best for you.
  • If you don’t have your ID card yet, you can still use the provider search tool. Explore the list of doctors, clinics and providers to find one that’s in your network so you’ll be ready when your plan starts.
  • If you’re on the go, try the Health4Me app. You can use it to help search for network doctors, urgent care centers, clinics and hospitals on your smartphone. Even if you’re traveling, at your child’s sporting event or away from home visiting family or friends, a network option may be close by – and Health4Me makes it easier to know your options.

Learn more about choosing a doctor

Virtual visits are a great way to talk with a doctor, get a diagnosis and even get prescriptions – all online.* To start a Virtual Visit, just log in to a new window) > Virtual Visits. Then select your provider and get your care.

To learn more about how it works, watch this Virtual Visits video before you get started.

*Not available in all states.

Benefits & Coverage

Checking your benefits can help you avoid cost surprises, so it’s good to review what’s covered and what’s not before you make an appointment.

  • Log in to a new window) and go to Coverage & Benefits to review what’s covered under your plan.
  • If you want a copy of your coverage documents mailed to you, call the phone number on your health plan ID card and ask us to send you a copy.

If you have a few minutes, watch this helpful “Using My Benefits” video to learn more about benefits and coverage.

A referral is when a primary care physician (PCP) authorizes a covered person to see a specialist for diagnosis or treatment of a medical condition.  Most often, that means you have to call your doctor before seeing a specialist.

Not all health plans require a referral, but if your plan does, ask your PCP or clinic for an electronic referral before you visit a specialist. Without this referral, you may pay more or your care may not be covered.

If you don’t know if you need a referral, visit the Coverage & Benefits section of a new window) or call the number on your health plan ID card to find out. Your ID card may even say, “Referrals required.”

Prior authorization means getting approval before you can get access to medication or services. With prior authorization, your health plan agrees to help pay for the service – and it’s important to know that ahead of time. See Common Terms for more definitions to other health insurance words.

If you’re not sure whether you need prior authorization for a service or prescription medication, take a look at your coverage documents or call the number on your health plan ID card.

Find out more about Pharmacy Benefits

You can choose to receive your health and account statements online or on paper through the mail.

Go paperless and make managing your health plan easier.

Here’s how to request to receive statements online only:

  • Log in to a new window) and go to Account Settings > Change Mailing and Email Preferences.
  • You’ll get an email when new documents become available online.
  • You can view, download or print at your convenience. 

Managing costs and claims.

You can find your claims information easily on a new window).

  • Log in and go to Manage My Claims to see a list of your claims and if they’ve been processed.
  • You can also call the number on your health plan ID card to talk with Customer Care about your claims. 

You can find an overview of your HSA details when you log in to a new window).

  • Go to Manage My Claims to see your claims status and history.
  • Go to Benefits & Coverage to see what’s covered under your plan.

You can also call the number on your health plan ID card to talk with a Customer Care representative.

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Pharmacy & Prescriptions

You can find a list of network pharmacies on a new window) or by using the Health4Me app.

You can also call the member phone number on your health plan ID card to talk with a Customer Care representative.

You can find prescription medications coverage information for your plan by logging in to a new window).

  • Go to Pharmacies and Prescriptions > Prescription Drug List (PDL) to see a list of medications covered under your plan.
  • You can also search for a specific prescription medication to find out if it’s covered or what you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket. 

When you switch to a new plan, your prescription coverage may change. To help make sure you continue to get the medications you need, check to see if they’re covered by entering them into the drug pricing tool at a new window) — or in the Health4Me app. There, you can also look for details on how to continue getting the same medication or switching to a lower-cost alternative.

We’re always looking out for the safest, most effective and lower cost medication to include with UnitedHealthcare plans. As the options on the market change, you may see changes in covered prescriptions for your plan.

You can use a resource called a prescription drug list (PDL) to check your coverage. It shows you the medications that are covered by your plan. It may also help you understand plan requirements that may affect your coverage for a medication.

Your prescription drug list (PDL) is broken into cost levels called tiers. Choosing medications in lower tiers may save you money. You can talk with your doctor about your PDL and discuss lower cost options to help you find prescriptions that may work with your budget.

Log in to a new window) and go to Pharmacies and Prescriptions to review the PDL for your plan.

Learn more about Pharmacy Benefits

More questions? We’re here to help.

Call the member phone number on your health plan ID card to talk with a Customer Care representative.  

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