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Check in on your costs – pay up to 36% less for care.

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When you’re deciding where to go for care, it helps to take a look at cost, as well as quality and convenience. Often you can get the care you need – and save money at the same time.

With the cost transparency tools, it’s simple to see your health care costs up close. Just go to myuhc.comOpens a new window or the Health4Me app and you can:

  • Look up the care you need, like back pain or scratchy throat.
  • Get an average health care estimate for that kind of care in your area.
  • Search through all network providers so you can compare quality of care and cost ratings before you choose where to go for your appointment.
  • Get a personalized health care cost estimate based on your specific doctor, clinic, hospital and health plan.

It’s all in one easy-to-use search tool that helps you take control of your health care costs – and make choices that work with your budget.

Ready to take a look at your health care costs?

Go to myuhc.comOpens a new window or the Health4Me app.

*UnitedHealthcare Internal Claims Analysis, 2015.

All UnitedHealthcare members can access a cost estimator online tool at  Depending on your specific benefit plan and the ZIP code that’s entered, either the myHealthcare Cost Estimator or the Treatment Cost Estimator will be available. A mobile version of myHealthcare Cost Estimator is available in the Health4Me mobile app, and additional ZIP codes and procedures will be added soon. This tool isn’t intended to be a guarantee of your costs or benefits. Your actual costs and/or benefits may vary. When accessing the tool, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Use and Why Your Costs May Vary sections for further information regarding cost estimates. Refer to your health plan coverage document for information regarding your specific benefits.