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Colorado Public Options Plans - Benefits for diabetic supplies

Benefits for Diabetic Supplies provided under the outpatient prescription drug benefit

Certain diabetic supplies will be covered at zero-dollar cost share not subject to any deductible:

  • Standard insulin syringes with needles
  • Blood-testing strips – glucose
  • Urine-testing strips – glucose
  • Ketone-testing strips and tablets
  • Lancets and Lancet devices
  • Glucose Meters
  • Continuous Glucose Monitors including Dexcom and Freestyle Libre Continuous Glucose Monitors

Diabetic Durable Medical Equipment coverage under the medical Certificate of Coverage

Diabetic equipment for diabetes includes but is not limited to:

Insulin infusion pumps

Insulin pump supplies (infusion sets, needles and/or soft cannulas, reservoirs, glass cartridges, and insertion sets)

Syringes with needles for external pumps

Diabetic equipment must be ordered by and under the direction of a physician.

Durable Medical Equipment Limitation:

Diabetic equipment including insulin pumps are considered an Essential Health Benefit and not subject to the annual dollar limit on the UnitedHealthcare fully insured certificates of coverage. 

Network access plan

UnitedHealthcare has prepared and maintains a network access plan that describes how the plan monitors the network of providers to ensure that you have access to network providers. The access plan also has information on the referral processes, complaint procedures, quality programs and emergency services coverage provisions. The network access plan is available at the plan’s office: 169 Inverness Drive West Suite 400, Englewood, CO 80112 or call (800) 842-4509.

Dental Notices

Colorado County Dental Exceptions

Please note - providers are located in every Colorado county except Baca, Bent, Cheyenne, Crowley, Gilpin, Grand, Hinsdale, Jackson, Kiowa, Lake,Mineral, Moffat, Phillips, Pitkin, Rio Blanco, Saguache, San Juan, San Miguel, Sedgwick and Yuma.