UnitedHealthcare donates $12.3M to help expand access to health care

Many factors affect someone’s health and well-being — things like access to healthy food, affordable housing and the environment where a person lives may make a big difference. In fact, 80% of what influences a person’s health has nothing to do with clinical care. When outside factors, like a global pandemic, are thrown into the mix – it may be detrimental for an already vulnerable population.

To help ease the burden and aid in recovery from the effects of the pandemic, UnitedHealthcare is donating $12.3 million through Empowering Health grants to community-based organizations across 21 states. More than half ($6.3 million) of the grants will help organizations increase their capacity to fight COVID-19 and support impacted communities. The Empowering Health commitment focuses on expanding access to care and addressing the social determinants of health for those in underserved communities. 

“The COVID-19 public health emergency has compounded the many challenges faced by the nation’s most vulnerable residents,” said Kirsten Gorsuch, senior vice president of Communications and Social Responsibility at UnitedHealthcare. “Our support of these organizations through the UnitedHealthcare Empowering Health commitment will help provide critical aid and resources to the communities that need it the most.”

The grants will help address some of the most urgent needs resulting from COVID-19, including food insecurity, social isolation and behavioral health issues. Nonprofit organizations receiving those grants include:

The Empowering Health grants are part of UnitedHealth Group’s investment of over $100 million to fight COVID-19 and support impacted communities. Over the last three months, the funding has helped communities in need, protected the health care workforce and helped people and clinicians cope with stress and anxiety from the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic challenges.

Find out more about UnitedHealthcare’s commitment to Empowering Health.

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