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OBMSM Basic Specialty Option

With the OBM Basic Specialty Option, members receive insured preventive dental services, discounted vision services, basic employee life and health discounts. Please see below for a list of some of the benefits and services included.

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In-Network : National Options PPO 20

Out-of-Network (MAC)*

Preventive/Basic/Major Coinsurance
100%/Discount/Discount 100%/0%/0%
Annual Maximum $1000 $1000
Deductible (Single/Family) $0/$0 $0/$0
Preventive Care (teeth cleaning and x-rays) 100% 100%
Basic Care (filling, restorations, root canals, endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery) Discount through UnitedHealth Allies Network 0%
Major Care (crowns, bridges and dentures) Discount through UnitedHealth Allies Network 0%
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Vision OBM Basic Specialty Option Benefit Details



Eye Exam $10 copayment; every 12 months Not available
Frames 30% off retail frame price. 10% off at in-network Walmart locations Not available
Lenses $45/$65/$95 copayment Not available
Contacts 20% discount Not available
Materials Frequency Unlimited Not available

Benefits Include

  • $25,000 Employee Life Benefits

  • Health Discounts

    • A discount program offering savings of 5% to 50% on health-related products and services:

      •  Vision (eye exams, LASIK eye surgery, optical products) 5% to 50%
      •  Dental (general dental, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontia) 10% to 35%
      •  Alternative Medicine (chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture) 20%
      •  Wellness (fitness, smoking cessation, weight management, nutrition) 10% to 50%
      •  Long Term Care (home health care, DME, hospice) 5% to 30%
      •  Hearing (testing and hearing devices) 10% to 20%
      •  Infertility (In-vitro fertilization, reproductive endocrinology) 5% to 20%

* Out-of-network benefits are paid based on UnitedHealthcare Dental's Maximum Allowable Charge (MAC) schedule.

Please note: This is a sample summary provided for informational purposes only. Coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of the Member Certificate or other applicable Member benefit information.

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