What UnitedHealth Group is focused on heading into 2024 and beyond

This year’s UnitedHealth Group Investor Conference focused on the ways value-based care and empowering health care consumers may spur industry change.

In late November, UnitedHealth Group leaders convened to share their ambitions for the future during the annual Investor Conference.

Kicking it off, UnitedHealth Group CEO Andrew Witty shared how the mission of helping people live healthier lives® and helping make the health system work better for everyone drives its 440,000 employees: “It’s a mission that strives to work every single day 24/7 to improve the health system that we’re all a part of — and that one day, we all end up relying on. That mission of improvement is focused on helping one individual, one patient at a time.”

Witty went on to say that it’s a daunting job. The $5T health care system, which is almost one-fifth of the entire country’s GDP and bigger than the entire economy of Japan, is complex and fragmented.

To drive the change that needs to occur, UnitedHealth Group, through the unique and varied capabilities of UnitedHealthcare and Optum, is focused on 5 strategic growth priorities:

Value-based care

Integrating in-clinic, in-home, behavioral and virtual care delivery capabilities designed to comprehensively serve more people in models that achieve higher-quality outcomes at lower costs

Health benefits

Building on proven coverage offerings with benefits that prioritize simplicity, affordability and better health outcomes

Health technology

Using clinical data and intelligence to simplify administrative processes, support clinical decision-making and improve transparency, efficiency and quality across the health system

Health financial services

Streamlining payment processes to improve accuracy and reduce administrative burden for providers while making payments simpler, more convenient and affordable for consumers

Pharmacy services

Innovating as a care provider and pharmacy benefit manager to lower the cost of drugs while seamlessly integrating direct-to-consumer offerings with medical, pharmacy, behavioral and community health capabilities

“The core objective of UnitedHealth Group over the next several years is to continue to drive the implementation of value-based care and at the same time to fundamentally transform the way consumers and families think about health care,” Witty said.

A forward focus for UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual

Providing employer-sponsored insurance to more than 235,000 clients, UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual offers a portfolio of products that deliver personalized coverage and care to 174M people.1

UnitedHealthcare aims to continue to use data to close gaps in care and help employees access quality care, while also staying laser-focused on enabling affordable care and supporting simpler experiences.

To continue making forward progress on the goals of making high-quality care more accessible, affordable and equitable, UnitedHealthcare, in collaboration with Optum, will continue to serve as leaders in accelerating the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care.

“In the simplest sense, we’re helping to accelerate the transition from volume to value — to a model designed to be proactive and to help keep people healthy over the course of a lifetime,” said UnitedHealthcare CEO Brian Thompson.   

Advancing the concept of value-based care

In addition to building networks that reimburse providers for delivering quality outcomes at the lowest possible costs, other tools and solutions are working to advance the concept of value-based care.

  • With tools like Point of Care Assist® and PreCheck MyScript®, UnitedHealthcare integrates real-time cost and coverage information into providers’ electronic medical records to help them recommend and prescribe the most appropriate, lowest-cost course of action for their patients
  • SurestTM, a health plan from UnitedHealthcare, uses a unique pricing model to help members find cost-efficient treatments and quality care from high-value providers
  • UnitedHealthcare Advocacy solutions aim to help employees navigate the health system, including helping them get the most out of their health plan and benefits and pointing them to the right care, in the right place, at the right cost

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