Virtual health for group health plans

With the power to provide convenient and on-demand access to care — without leaving the home or workplace — it’s no wonder that the demand for virtual care continues to grow. In fact, nearly 90% of surveyed Americans in 2021 said they wanted to continue using virtual care for non-urgent health needs.1 Virtual health has permeated many aspects of employer health and well-being offerings. 57% of employers were looking to add even more virtual health solutions in 2023 and 74% believe that virtual health will have a significant impact on how care is delivered in the future.2

Employers believe virtual health holds promise – one way we see this is by anticipated growth of virtual primary care offerings, increasing from 32% in 2022 to 69% in 20252 – we are ahead of the curve on this with virtual primary care available in most open access plans.

Our virtual health offerings are designed to help members along their health journey –Helping to access quality care in moments that matter most.

Virtual health and care solutions continue to play a prominent role in connecting members to care; they support our commitments, specifically:

  • Helping people navigate a fragmented system – members can readily find and access virtual care via, the UnitedHealthcare app or through an advocate
  • Enhancing benefits through internal and external collaboration – many virtual solutions are made possible by these collaborations bringing more benefits to life for members
  • Reducing the total cost of care – often virtual care may be less expensive than in-person care and can help reduce total cost for both employers and members

Unlocking the true potential of virtual health

Virtual care, built for real results

As the demand for virtual health solutions grows, UnitedHealthcare is continuing to expand online and mobile3 access to all kinds of care and support for employees and their families. Below is just a sample of what's available.

Virtual urgent and primary care

From urgent care to wellness exams, employees can access virtual care for some of their most common needs.

Behavioral health

Compassionate and convenient, virtual behavioral health solutions are designed to help make care more accessible for a continuum of needs.

Virtual visits for dental care

  • Dentist Virtual Visits from DialCare Teledentistry allow employees to connect with a licensed dentist anytime, anywhere
  • Benefits include two virtual visits per year at no cost-share, as well 24/7 access to consultations for nonemergency dental conditions, second opinions, treatment options and clinically necessary prescriptions from state-licensed and fully credentialed dentists

Condition-specific virtual care, monitoring and testing

Advanced digital therapeutics are giving employees new ways to help get and stay healthier, including remote monitoring for chronic conditions and more.